Recent work; continuing the fruit tree conservation display pieces.

January 10, 2017

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Following the exhibition I agreed with Isabella Della Ragione ( that I would make some work that she could use for her on-going displays. So I visited her orchard and house several times to draw and absorb, and it feels only a beginning, there is so much material there.  The ceramic process takes time, drying the clay body inbetween firings and so I am working on these particular pieces.  I started after the drawings; some seen here, with lots of small explorations that were coming out, some awful and resembling local religious folk art, some good, but somehow they are all important for different reasons, so I am keeping all these photos in for now to see how things develop.  The large vase is the most exciting combining both colour painted surface and form, in the most obvious and traditional way.  I am starting with this most controlled form for the display (and the firing will bring surprises, hopfully not too random for this piece).  There are many ideas springing out that can become more expressive forms, my main issue is getting into the studio.  Which is currently below freezing! Spring is soon.  (Now we are finishing the house and hoping for that which is enough work in itself.) ….Interesting to me that my work is showing influences of buildings, portals, towers and archeology, and still the lace, organic foliage, vessel, and moon peeps in. always the intuitive playing with the rational to and fro. The fruit is so rich with life and potential form (and colour!) that I feel I have abundant material! Certainly the ecological reference is deeply important but now I just need to get more work out.  Perhaps the new year will see some changes towards this. Wondering how to make this process more enviromentally friendly; natural firings and more sparing clay glaze colours.

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