Clay Works.

We had a pottery workshop here with the leader Linda Styles. So wonderful to have her and her students and friends here again.  So good to work with other people around me. Below is my breakthrough piece after struggling with […]

New Work

The theme has become “HOME”. It is about being a mother, the domesticity of life coming through the work, with the everyday work of cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening, living by a wood on a hill, watching the bees.  The most playful […]

notes to self

sculptures; idea to make; looking at the elements, reflecting and selecting way forward in one way with key words to remind me when I get home; looking up to lace surface bowl; ladder leaf or feather up to central hole. […]


Wax seems fitting after the harvest.  A year of cooking, offering, preserving, etc.  Small scale images. elemental.  It has been a challenging year, but still the sun is shining and it’s December 17th.

The Apple Church

What an amazing day. Antique varieties in an amazing location and so inspiring to walk into the place where Isabella Dela Ragione stores her fruit.  Then taking the trees home and just feeling the process of planting the trees.  Now […]

Sketch book peeks

Here are a few images from my sketch book drawings that have happened this year. They are ongoing and give me most pleasure.  There are continual links between the 2D and 3D pieces that I wish to develop.  The walking drawings, […]

Paper bits and threads

You have to start somewhere, using old drawing to make small drawing collections. Sewing collage together, sewing books together, offers threads and now shadows begin to look sculptural and offer new directions. Still love the history and mystery of Blue.