Performance, action painting, set and costume painting, on stage at the Ballet; Saggio di Diamante Renzini, working with Francesca Bizzirri. ( and Alessia Ferri  performance filming), Then drawing the movement of the dancers for the exhibition:about After Bauhaus, (organised by architects in Citta di Castello- Olimpia Lorenzini,) at the Pinacoteca.

TIPOGRAFIA GRIFANI DONATI Exhibition in September 2018

A small solo show in Citta di Castello showcasing a selection of this years work, including still life, portraiture,  Cornish and Italian expressive landscape paintings, and some ceramic pieces.  A real privlege to show in the working Printing museum that dates back to 1700’s.

GRANTFIELD GALLERY in Anghiari Summer 2018

ARTE Gallery in Citta Di Castello 2017.  Thanks to Daniela Brodi.

ARTISTI AL MONTE EXHIBITIONS, an Open studios event held annually in May, in people’s studios and with a selection of artists showing at the Bourbon Castle in Monte Santa Maria Tiberina, Umbria (shown here).

Lucy Toop exhibited at many Cornish Galleries including

Open Studios Bristol 2006